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What is a Blog?

Posted: 03/08/2013
Albion River Inn, Mendocino Coast Lodging, Restaurant, Weddings

So you ended up on our blog... great!  But, what exactly is a blog? 

A blog is a contraction of the words web log.

Until relatively recently, the web was rather static. To publish content to a website required quite a bit of technical know-how. With advancements in technology, it has become very easy to add information to the Internet. With the streamlining of online content publishing, a new type of website was born. 

Blogs come in different forms. Some blogs are personal diaries, like Sandra's trip to Brazil. Some are about things of interest, like Best Concerts of All Time. Some are built to share information, Mary's Best Recipes, for example. Some are used by official organizations to communicate to the public, like the USA Government. Blogs can be written by one person, or be compiled by many contributers.

Whatever shape, size or style the blog is, you can be sure it is made up of separate posts that are published online chronologically.

On our blog, our goal is to share photos, videos, original recipes, seasonal specials/discounts, giveaways, things to do in the Mendocino area, comments on wines, local events and more.

Thank you for visiting, and check back often to keep current with Albion River Inn.