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Mendocino: A Pacific Village Suspended in Time

Posted: 08/01/2013

The spectacular coastal beauty, redwood forests, great food and wine aren't the only things to enjoy about the Mendocino Coast.

Here is a photo we recently captured in the village of Mendocino. Shown in the picture is Heider Field with some classic Mendocino architecture in the background.

Victorian Homes, Architecture, Mendocino, Saltbox, Gothic Revival, Heider Field

Built in the mid 1800's, and still preserved by the Mendocino Historical Review Board, most of Mendocino's buildings are of the Victorian era, with styles like Gothic Revival, New England Salt Box, Italianate and more. 


While many other historic towns have lost much of their original charm due to the evolution of architecture and development, Mendocino seems to be suspended in time. When visiting, you will feel the difference as things slow down and relaxation sets in.